Brief History of the Institute

The School is founded by Sri Manik Lal Gupta in Memory of his Parents Late Nistaran Gupta & Late Hemolata Gupta were freedom fighters and to fulfill their spiritual dream and aspirations to build a nation.

Welcome to Our School

Little Flower School & Chreche situated at "GUPTA HOUSE", Hailakandi Road (N.S. Avenue) Silchar-788005 having all round compound wall with adequate security arrangement for the Children at School Campus including class-room is under CC Camera coverage. Rubberized floor provided to creche to protect the children from getting injured. Inverter have been installed & arrangement for RO Water is made. Trained & dedicated staff. Sufficient number of toys & other sports items are kept at school for balanced growth of the children. In house Park is being developed.

Principal's Desk

Dear Parents / Guardians
A School is a seat of learning. In a school students inculate healthy habits. They learn how to behave with others, how to move in society and how to progress in life. School teachers are to be strict disciplinarian, a keen administrator. They should be selfless persons, teach with devotion and carter to the needs of the students.

It must be appreciated that proper physical and mental growth of a child depends upon the joints efforts of the parents and the School / Creche Authorities.

Both the Creche and the School should be a place where homely atmosphere prevails and children stay happy. They should be able to learn to joyfully study on their own and examination phobia should not engulf them. Extracurricular activities should always be fostered to develop talents in this child.

Life in a school Hostel / Creche is period of learning. It infuses a sense of disciple into a student. One learns to be regular and punctual. One is taught to do a thing at a fixed time. The LITTLE FLOWER SCHOOL & CRECHE is again one such institution where good manners and habits are infused to the children though all activities they perform throughout the day.

Parents should appreciate that punctuality and discipline are essential habits which take firm roots if only enforced at their tender blooming age. Disciplinary action for non adherence to school timings has been introduced only in recognition of this necessity. What future citizens should pledge is this : God is truth it will be, ever if we have to lay down our lives to defend it. It is the ultimate satisfaction to the souls of human beings.

The last but not the least, --- Tears and smiles make the music of life. Things shine though contrast. They become dull though monotonous similarity. It is perhaps the tears and trials of life that make a person beaming with smiles and bubbing with enthusiasm. We at the LITTLE FLOWER SCHOOL & CRECHE, know that children may cry and complain, may refuse to behave properly--- but it is our duty to make them smile and bounce with happiness for their assured future.

Premtosh Dutta Choudhury